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The Motorsport Experience


The number of available track events in the greater Northeast region of the United States has boomed over the last few years. Events geared towards both beginners experiencing the track for the first time and advanced drivers looking to hone their skills are happening at nearby tracks during every week and weekend in the spring, summer and fall.

One of the biggest obstacles keeping many people from getting out on the track is having a fast, fun and safe car ready to drive for an event. For others it's the constant upkeep required to keep their car ready for the rigorous demands of the track, and finally, some folks just prefer not to subject their sports car to hard use on the track.

The Motorsport Experience eliminates these obstacles, offering arrive and drive sports car rentals at most track events in the greater Northeast. Customers just need to show up at the track and their car is waiting, ready to go out on-track worry free. Let us deal with the expensive equipment, you just focus on driving and having fun.

Speaking of fun, we are currently renting an amazing, industry first, fleet of BMW M3s. These cars combine a stable and forgiving platform with an outrageously high-revving and powerful V8 engine that puts smiles on every driver's face with each shift (whether with the semi-automatic paddle shifters or the manual gear shift, check out more details about our fleet here).

For those new to the track, just give us a call or send us a message in the form below and we can help you choose the right experience. With so many formats available, we'll make your first experience the best ever and know you'll be back for more.

Experienced and advanced drivers also find our headache-free arrive and drive car rentals to save them both time and angst in preparing for their track days. They also find our M3s to not only perform above expectations, but are just a plain old blast to drive. Contact us today to arrange to have an M3 ready and waiting for you at your next event!

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